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What Our Clients Are Saying.

“SourceGroup worked with our board for three years while we attained our Critical Access Hospital designation. Their knowledge of medical development, commitment to doing what’s right and straightforward approach was reassuring. They helped us make the most of our new situation and plan for the future.”

– Paula Shaefbauer, White Community Hospital

“SourceGroup was always accessible and responsive to our needs. Their management and field people literally worked side by side with my clinic staff during our expansion and complex renovation. Their proactive approach to letting us know what was happening and what they needed from us to move forward with progress allowed our operation to run without incident or interruption. My only regret – we should have consulted with them much earlier in the planning and design process.”

– John Turonie, Raiter Clinic

“After 15 years of working with a number of general contractors, I can honestly say that SourceGroup was one of the best that ZMC as worked with. The time frames and cost per-square foot figures they delivered were some of the best we’ve experienced along with their level of professionalism in dealing with our internal management, bankers, vendors and consultants. Their team’s accessibility, responsiveness and whatever it takes attitude was exactly what we were looking for”

-Bill DeSanto, ZMC Hotels

Hampton Inn Altus_Recommendation

“SourceGroup did an excellent job of protecting and looking out for our interests throughout the design, city planning and approval processes. Their insights brought enough cost savings to pay for a substantial amount of my professional fees and allowed me to focus on running my business. SourceGroup understands and fights for owners’ best interests.”

– John Sheldon, Truxstor

“Did SourceGroup provide significant insight on how to do things. Absolutely. We had two neighboring facilities start construction before us and, from the time we started to the time we occupied, we were the last to start, the first to finish and made it in on budget. Now that’s real value.”

– Pat O’Brien, Crystal Distribution Inc.

“Our architectural firm suggested SourceGroup as a general contractor to consider as they have a good deal of experience with health care construction. As providence would have it, we could not have been in better hands … Their unique understanding of medical tenant buildouts allowed us to take a five- to six-month process and complete it in the three-month timeframe we required … The construction process progressed with ease with them at the helm.”

– Dr. Gary L. Williams, D.D.S. & Dr. Gerald A. Wimmer, D.D.S.

Letter of Recommendation from Gary L. Williams, D.D.S.

“The SourceGroup’s project managers were professional experts with a strong work ethic who worked effectively with corporate staff and our local management. The end product was a quality outcome, creating satisfaction at Mission Healthcare, LLC and more importantly, our customers. We can highly recommend SourceGroup to other organizations who desire a first-class, quality-driven company to complete a re-design or build a new facility.”

– Thomas E. Boerboom, Mission Healthcare, LLC

Letter of Recommendation from Mission Healthcare, LLC

“Their team started the process by engaging our staff and executive leadership group through a facility assessment and feasibility study that produced a clear plan that will allow us to provide high-quality, cost-effective health care to our community for another fifty years … Their ability to renovate our existing space while maintaining all Department of Health ordinances and keeping our facility fully functional was mission critical to making this project a success and they completed the task without incident.”

– Jackie Evers, Prairie View Care Center, Inc.

Letter of Recommendation from Prairie View Care Center, Inc.