At SourceGroup, we understand the nuances of balancing the unique needs of auto dealership operations with the demands of the manufacturer’s design standards. What’s more, we offer an in-depth understanding of the comprehensive auto dealership development process involving both the manufacturer’s and the dealership’s executives. As such, we navigate the often time-consuming manufacturer’s design and development process with agility all while keeping the dealer’s interests first when managing the process.

From balancing the manufacturer’s design standards and proposed layouts with the realities of efficient dealership operations, to managing vendor negotiations for items such as shop equipment, signage and furniture, to requesting manufacturer exceptions, we keep the entire project on task and deliver optimum outcomes. As a result, we’re often trusted to manage the entire process from inception to completion.

Morrie's Automotive Group

Morrie’s Automotive Group selected SourceGroup as its construction partner on multiple projects for our ability to work with executive management, store general managers and architect of record to develop solutions to OEM-required store updates that would meet budget and scheduling needs.

Before any construction started, SourceGroup worked with on-site staff to develop a phased construction sequence that would minimize each store’s loss of revenue as well as minimize the potential inconveniences to customers and staff during each project.

Morrie’s Mazda

In an effort to grow the long-term success Morrie’s has had with the Mazda brand, Morrie’s acquired a vacant Volkswagen dealership. Mazda was so pleased with Morrie’s commitment that they elected to use Inver Grove Heights facility as their prototype to develop and roll out their new Retail Evolution image program now being implemented across the country.

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Morrie’s Luxury Auto

When faced with luxury manufacturers to please and very challenging site issues, Morrie’s Automotive Group once again called on SourceGroup to deliver solutions.

Golden Valley, Minnesota

Morrie’s Lincoln

Morrie’s made a substantial commitment to Ford when it agreed to acquire a vacant and long known contaminated site to develop a new stand-alone Lincoln dealership that would be the first of its kind in the US. SourceGroup worked hand in hand with the Environmental engineer to develop a Voluntary Response Action Plan that would first be used to gain approval from the MPCA and Met Council to redevelop the site and later used to acquire nearly $600,000 in grants to help off-set the soil remediation costs to clean up the site. 83 piles support this design and operationally forward thinking 35,000+ sq ft. store.

Square Feet: 35,000

Morrie’s Nissan & Subaru Brooklyn Park

When Manufacturer updates were being required at the interior and exterior of their Nissan and Subaru stores Morrie’s trusted SG to manage both projects. While the Nissan upgrades were mainly bringing the exterior of the store into brand compliance Subaru’s FOX program required extensive Showroom, Customer Lounge and Restroom updates to be completed while the dealership remain fully functional.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Morrie’s Minnetonka Subaru

When approached by Subaru about converting its Minnetonka multi brand campus into a single Subaru store Morrie’s Automotive Group jumped at the chance to leverage the success the brand has been having in recent years. Working with Subaru’s Zone Development Manager and Morrie’s staff, SourceGroup helped Morrie’s capture 100% of every FOX program dollar that was available to help offset the monster undertaking of updating this 75,000 sq ft store. Using its past experience managing extensive remodels and leverage the knowledge of MAG’s Fixed Operations Managers a detailed project sequencing plan was developed that would allow each department to remain fully functional over the course of this 12 month project

Morrie’s Buffalo Ford

To better serve the expanding customer base this store had developed and make good on its commitment to the manufacturer. Morrie’s committed to implementing the latest Trustmark program standards as well as building a new Quick Lane that will have 6 new service bays and a state of the art car wash.

Morrie’s Body Works

Morrie’s Subaru, Nissan and collision business has been growing exponentially in the Twin Cities’ northern suburbs due to the car dealer’s commitment to delivering an overall better car buying and servicing experience. In an effort to keep pace with the increased demand, Morrie’s needed to expand its service and collision capacity. This 21,000-square-foot expansion helps Morrie’s continue to deliver the level of service that cultivates customer loyalty.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Square Feet: 21,000

Morrie’s Recon Center

When faced with exploding demand at its Minnetonka Ford store it became evident that Morrie’s needed a dedicated Reconditioning and Photography facility to take a significant amount of the vehicles the store itself was needing to process to keep up with customer demand. This facility has 7 Service hoists, 6 dedicated detail bays and a state of the art car wash to help keep Morrie’s used car business functioning at peak efficiency.

Evergreen Ltd., Duluth, Minnesota

Evergreen’s principals looked to SourceGroup when they needed construction management expertise while aggressively expanding their automotive holdings throughout the upper midwest.

Metro Kia

After acquiring the store as part of a multi-franchise acquisition, SourceGroup worked with Gries’ Architecture to expand the facility’s existing service and shop area while bringing all existing exterior façades and interior space up to Kia’s current Gallery image program standards.

Madison, Wisconsin

Metro Ford

After acquiring the store as part of a multi-franchise
acquisition, SourceGroup worked with Gries’ Architecture
to expand the facility’s existing showroom and bring all
existing exterior facades and interior space up to current Ford brand standards.

Madison, Wisconsin

Iron Trail Toyota

After 20 years of little updating, Toyota required this facility to complete necessary steps to represent the manufacturer’s current brand standards. SourceGroup updated 8,000 square feet of showroom floor, custom lounges, a general administrative area and the store’s exterior façade to align with current brand standards.

Virginia, Minnesota
Square Feet: Square Feet: 8,000
Iron Trail Toyota

Mankato Kia

When faced with pressure to abandon their existing facility and build a new dealership that was compliant with Kia’s new Gallery image program, Evergreen once again called on SourceGroup to deliver this 17,000-plus-square-foot store on just over four acres.

Mankato, Minnesota
Square Feet: 17,000
Mankato Kia

Superior Chevrolet

After 15 years of little updating, Chevrolet required this facility to complete necessary steps to represent the manufacturer’s current brand standards. The showroom floor, custom lounges, general administrative area and the store’s exterior façade were redesigned to reflect current brand standards.

Superior, Wisconsin
Superior Chevrolet